Aesop was famous for his fables. He supposedly had lived from 620 B.C. to 560 B.C. Aesop's fables are still taught as a moral lesson in various ways, such as children's plays and popular cartoons. 


His birthplace is still uncertain. Even though he was born a slave, places like Thrace, Phrygia, Aethiopia, Samos, Athens, and Sardis all try to claim the honor for his nativity. 


Through his wit and cleverness, he was able to free himself from slavery and rise to become one of the most profound, civil ambassadors of Greece. Although he died a tragic death by the hands of others, his legacy still lives on to this very day. With his use of animals to teach human beings about morals relative to their own life, he was able to deliver his point in a non-threatening and artistic way.



Aesop Technologies, Incorporated was established in the Commonwealth of Virginia on January 28, 2017. There are currently four active employees and one external senior advisor. Aesop Technologies, Inc. specializes in producing next-generational solar-powered technology. The current product that the company is striving to bring to the market is Aesop Nucleus, which is a miniature solar concentration system that is looking to replace portable power generation systems and, eventually, commercial solar panels. The company's mission is to become the leading manufacturer of clean, environmentally conscious technology. Their intentions are to inspire, encourage, and motivate individuals to become environmentally sustainable and socially responsible by using their products. Providing attentive customer service and cost-effective solutions, Aesop Technologies, Inc. can become a sustainable business seeking to serve the local, state, national, and global communities.

Since the company’s establishment, Aesop Technologies has had successes along the way. In July of 2017, the company was titled as the Top 10 Finalist for NASA’s iTech Challenge. It is a competition that solely revolves around the solutions that can be implemented for issues that NASA is currently facing. We pitched the idea of Aesop Nucleus as a potential solar generation system for extra-terrestrial and interplanetary locations. Furthermore, Aesop Technologies’ CEO, Nisha Witt, was selected as a finalist for a highly competitive social entrepreneurship program in the world named Echoing Green. Out of 2,400 applicants worldwide, Aesop Technologies was part of the last remaining 64 teams to participate in the finalist round.

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