Introducing Aesop Nucleus

Aesop Nucleus converts the sun's heat into AC powered electricity, which drives the cost of power lower and creates a smaller ecological footprint than most solar technologies that are currently on the market.


Aesop Nucleus is a flexible, high powered, dual axel solar concentrator. Currently, the system is under development. Stay tuned and connected for updates and details!


  • 24% conversion efficiency

  • Precision dual-axis tracking

  • 5 Main Components: Heat Drive, Chassis, Reflector, Dual-Axis Tracker, Power Electronics/Control System

  • Easy assembling

  • Ability to perform in high ambient temperatures

  • Low maintenance- 25-year life service

  • No water needed, periodic washing

  • Suitable for all terrains, including slopes and hills

  • Minimum environmental impact

  • Less land usage

  • Remotely operated

  • Recyclable

  • Designed and assembled in the USA

Solar concentration systems in microgrid form. 

About the technology

The Stirling Engine was invented by Robert Stirling in 1816. Over the years, the design and technology of the Stirling Engine has evolved to become more powerful and efficient. The core of Aesop Nucleus revolves around the Free Piston Stirling Engine. At 24 percent conversion efficiency, the Free Piston engine produces 3 kilowatts (kW).

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