10 Things I've Learned When Starting a Business

Aesop Technologies is the first business I have ever owned or created. So you can imagine my level of knowledge when it came to becoming an entrepreneur.... absolutely zero. However, by surrounding myself with people that already have businesses and the knowledge to start up a business, I came up with 10 simple rules that I think every entrepreneur could apply to their new and creative lifestyle. Roll that beautiful bean footage:

10. Turn your idea into a passionate obsession, not a passive hobby.

When you start to turn your idea into a business, you want it to be the first and last thing that's on your mind.

9. You are the face of your company.

Before you speak a word about your business to people, the first thing they usually see is your super, duper awesome face. So ensure that you handle yourself similar to the way you want people to see your business... sharp!

8. Don't build an empire, build a legacy.

The Roman Empire was on a winning streak for nearly 500 years... until it all fell down. I'm sure at that time Rome and others dominated by Rome thought they were going to be the superpowered leaders of the world forever, but apparently Rome was getting too big for their own britches. With the woes of mismanagement of funds, weakened troops, competitors on the rise, etc. etc., they eventually found themselves back in the rubbles from which they started from. ADVICE: DON'T BE LIKE ROME in 476 A.D.!!!

7. No Excuses!

I think this one is self explanatory

6. Stay Humble

When you get to that level of success, don't be the person everyone hates. Be the person that everyone loves and admires. People are going out of their way to help you. So when the time comes, help the people that are beneath you. Help them get to where you are at.

5. Haters are going to hate

Get your shield and armour ready, Gladiator. It's time to go to battle. When I started my journey, I came across some really nice people, but a lot of mean people as well. People are going to point out the flaws of your idea more than providing solutions to your problem.

4. Keep an open mind

When it comes to sharing your idea and building your team, be open to their feedback. One of the great qualities of leader is listening to what your team has to say... even if it's the polar opposite of your mindset.

3. Think BIG

When you think big about your business, your business with grow big.

2. Never give up

Entrepreneurs usually tell all the sunny side of you business, but never the knitty gritty side of things. You want your startup to be a marathon, not a sprint. That's why I leave the overnight success to the delirious.

1. Have Fun!

Make sure you have fun and love what you do.

Well, that's all folks. Regardless of what type of business you're getting into, people find these types of list handy when the going gets tough and the tough gets going. If you're reading this, I wish you the best of luck in life and may everything that you dreamt about comes to you (with a little bit of hard work, of course).

Peace up, Deuces Down,

Nisha Witt



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