The Art of Persuasion

So today, I went to The Naro, which is a very rich (as in time and history) movie theater that is located in Ghent (ritzy Downtown Norfolk) and saw a movie called "Merchant of Doubt." It is pretty much about the fact that the same people that are convincing us that climate change is isn't real were the same folks that cigarettes did not cause harm to your health. Well, it comes to find out that tobacco products ARE really a hazard to your health and all the people who were sticking to their guns could say was "Oops, you were right and we were wrong." So imagine what they are going to have to say in the next 20-30 years about climate change, but by then it may be too late. The whole documentary made some very valid and good points about the art of persuading people even if it was wrong morally and or logically. It is a known fact that most of the climate change deniers are people who are heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry and are pointing out inconclusive facts about how the Earth is cooling down and not affected by the massive carbon emissions that are being pumped into the atmosphere. As an owner and founder of a company that is involved in the renewable industry, I CALL BULL$#!T! Why? Because there are clear facts and actual evidence that the Earth IS changing and it is not in our favor. How can you go up against organizations like NOAA, NASA, The National Center of Meteorology & Seismology, and etc. etc. that clearly have the means and tools to see if there has been geographical changes in the past 20 years. By denying their evidence, you're denying their capabilities and devaluing their equipment.

However, the real question is if there is so much facts and evidence out there to prove that climate change is happening, then why are people denying the fact that it is happening? Well, I call it "The Art of Persuasion. " People tend to follow their leaders and hang onto every word that is being delivered to them. Instead of going out and getting the facts for themselves, they get lazy and find the closest source that follows the same guidelines as their leaders and just run with it. Also, what makes it so bad is that Politicians know that there are people out there that are truly like that. So, it is very simple for them to whisper those sweet nothings in their ear, while holding their hands out for money help spread that same message to others. It's disgusting and I'm tired of it. People just need to get off their butts and do a little thing called "research." You know that thing where you get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing credible facts (NOT WIKIPEDIA) and important information that will eventually lead you to more information and facts. People just hear all the things that they want to hear and leave out the rest that they feel is unimportant to them. There is only ONE PLANET in this entire solar system that is habitable and that is (YEP, YOU GUESSED IT!).... EARTH! If you claim to love, care, and have respect for your children and your children’s children, then why not take care of this planet and leave it for them to inherit in the future.

I rest my case,

Nisha Witt

P.S. I could careless if you’re a Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, or Republican, I HIGHLY recommend that you see this movie or read the book.

P.S.S. If you haven't already done so, download my e-book "The NIMBY Effect: 5 Ways Environmental Injustice is Affecting You." This book goes along the same guidelines about how much injustice we are doing to the environment, but the only difference is that is is coming back to haunt us through our wallets, our dinner tables, and our future as a whole. Click here and get your FREE copy today:

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