Fable of the Month: The Hare and the Hound

The main story:

A hare was nibbling away at some plants in the field one day when she noticed a hunter, she had never seen before, patrolling the area with his hound. Now I have two new predators to outwit, the animal thought, and since that hound is a lot younger than I am, he's probably a lot faster too. To offset the hound's speed, I'll need to know every inch of this terrain by heart. Seizing the opportunity, the hare went out to the fields during suppertime when she knew when the hunter was not around. She studied every hiding place, every brier, and the path through every bramble. A few days later, the hound spotted the hare and gave chase. The Hare darted through the fields, briers, and underbrush, and she easily escaped. Tired and disappointed, the hound returned to the hunter. A goatherd passing by saw the whole chase and began to berate the hound. "Some hunter you turned out to be! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, letting a hare so much smaller and older get the better of you." "You're forgetting one thing," the hound replied. "I was running for my supper. The hare was running for her life."

Moral: Motivation determines your success or failure.

Nisha's Nugget:

This fable is relative in so many ways. We are able to apply this to not only our professional life but personal as well. It's inevitable that we all want to be successful at the things that we do, but what makes or breaks your success is the idea of how motivated you are to get things started.

The Hare could've easily not taken advantage of the opportunity to learn the terrain and feasted on the luscious foods that were accessible to her. However, she took time away from things that were least important and learned what it took to outwit the hound. There are so many other things we can talk about this, but this key thing is what stood out to me. We have time to do a lot of things. In contrast, we only make time for what is important to us personally. Time is the most precious thing that our life has inherited. So it's important for us to not take it for granted. Overall, in order for us to be successful, we must first identify what is important to us and then take the time on how to turn that passion into an achievable milestone, i.e. starting a business, creating art, learning how to play an instrument. Remember: all things are possible if you are willing to invest the time to make it possible.

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