New solar powered bench in Norfolk charges phone while you sit

June 24, 2016


"NORFOLK, Va. – Ever sit on a bench and wish you could charge your mobile phone outside? Well, a new addition to the NEON District can help.

Hampton Roads’ first solar powered bench is being brought to you by the Downtown Norfolk Council, partnering with Aesop Technologies...."

39: Eco-Friendly Innovations with Nisha Witt

August 24, 2015


"Nisha Witt is the founder of Aesop Technology and a Navy veteran. She has taken her passion for the environment and invents solar products...."

Passion, Personal interest drive small businesses founded and guided by successful women

June 26, 2015


"Passion and personal interest have fueled the startup and growth of five female-founded and -operated companies in Hampton Roads..."

Executive Mission: Meet Veterans Who Run Their Own Companies

February 4, 2015


"After separating or retiring, a number of veterans are electing not to take the traditional route for second careers. Instead, many are becoming “vetrepreneurs,” using their military skill and acumen to start their own companies.


“You become a person who does more than just proficient work. You don’t make any excuses. You are always trying to achieve, on a daily basis, the business standard of excellence,” said Roger Habersham, owner of Habersham Builders IV, Inc. in Clinton, Md. Habersham served in the Air Force prior to starting his business."

Start Norfolk 5 attracts strongest group of aspiring entrepreneurs yet

September 24, 2014


"...First place went to Virginia Beach native Nisha Witt, who has been developing a solar-powered rechargeable protective smartphone case since founding Aesop Technologies last year. The startup weekend encouraged her to expand her approach to getting Aesop's solar cell technology, which is gel-based and can produce a charge even on cloudy days, to market.


As part of her Sunday pitch, Witt said the company could establish public cell-phone charging stations that could be powered in multiple ways, including using solar panels. Witt said she could work with venues like Busch Gardens, Harbor Park and Old Dominion University to help their attendees keep their cell phones charged. The 27-year-old Navy veteran showed the judges a phone case she used a 3-D printer to create during the event."

Norfolk company wins prize for solar cellphone charger

September 23, 2014


"...A 27-year-old entrepreneur hopes she's hit on the next big thing: a solar-powered cellphone charger that doubles as a protective case.


"When people go camping and they're out at the beach, they're using their phones and taking pictures and the battery drains," said Nisha Witt, founder of Aesop Technologies.


Her year-old company's product would provide a boost of power to smartphones when electrical outlets are nowhere in sight. She aims to produce a line of "personal energy-harvesting devices..."

Aesop Technologies and its solar-rechargeable mobile phone case idea wins 5th annual Start Norfolk

September 22, 2014


"...First place winner, Aesop Technologies, received a prize package that includes free legal services, computer software and office space in Downtown Norfolk.


Aesop, created by Virginia Beach native Nisha Witt, will use solar technology to create rechargeable mobile phone cases. Witt, a navy veteran, said her product will be on the market in winter 2014/2015...."


September 22, 2014


"...Teams were given five minutes to present what they had developed throughout the weekend and the judges then had three minutes to ask questions.


Teams were allowed to use slides, props and anything needed to show off what they had accomplished..


In the end everyone was awesome, but a few stood out to the judges the winners were:1st place: Aesop Technologies; Innovative, solar powered products/personal energy harvesters.."

29: Deckplate Entrepreneurship with DC1 Nisha Witt

June 29, 2014


"...DC1 Nisha Witt shares with me her budding company and how she found a way to apply a decades old technology to help improve our smartphones' battery life..."

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