The Struggle is Real!

September 2, 2014

When you come to the realization that your idea can be profitable, you start scrambling to find the nearest pen and paper and start jotting. Before you know it, you applied for a business license, have a business plan, and you're pitching the same elevator pitch (that you have drilled into your skull as if your life depended on it) to a lot of people with a lot of money. Fast forward 5 or 6 years and you're sitting a nice office, with a mahogany wood desk, and that big leather boss chair that you've always dreamed about and say to yourself, "I finally made it!" However, no one every gives you the knitty, gritty details in between the idea and the corporate office status. Yea, I'm talking about the struggle. The type of struggle where you're literally volunteering yourself for yourself or that you're surviving on a ramen noodle diet. 


However, I have come the the realization that I LOVE AESOP, so much that I'm willing to sacrifice and give my all in order to make this business work and launch it into the stratosphere. I have lessened my spending habits in order to increase my work load for Aesop. 


So when you find yourself disappearing because you're on that awesome, super duper, malnourished diet of cardboard noodles and flavored seasoning salt, just remember that you sacrifice is not in vain. You're doing this to better yourself, your family, and the environment around you. 


So don't give up and keeping shooting for the stars!!!


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