True Grit

April 11, 2015

     So as a child growing up, I was not the brightest crayon in the box. I guess you can say that I was struggling to make it through school back then. After failing Physics, taking Algebra II twice, and graduating with a "C" average, I was more than just struggling. However, ironically I have built a company that involves all those things that I am terrible at. Why is that?!? 

     Studies have shown that people who have creative minds are more likely to succeed as much as a person who has a college degree. In lamins terms, it's called "Grit." People with grit are not coddled by success. They know that failure is only temporary and not permanent. If they do find themselves on the path of failing, they find innovative ways to get themselves back on the right track. I AM one of those people. If you know me very well, I refuse to accept the answer ""NO!" If I want it, I will find a way to get. If you don't know someone who has grit, the type of things that motivates them is when people fail to pay attention to them or they are highly underestimated. Then when the time comes, they rise up, from their hard work and diligence, by surprise. 

     When I attended a TEDx Talk in Hampton Roads, they showed this TED talk by Angela Lee Duckworth. This talk resonated with me, not because I WAS "that student" that she was talking about, but because someone provided a voice to those who are constantly pushed into the shadows of ever thinking that they will be successful. 



      So don't let people steal your pride or motivation or let them tell you "YOU CAN'T," because if you have enough grit... YOU CAN and YOU WILL. 

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